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Poem - Ghosts of the Past

The poem “Ghosts of the Past" was inspired by Nikita Gill's quote “The ghosts of all the women you used to be are all proud of the who you have become.”

Ghosts of the Past

Ghosts of the past still exist
looking on with rapt intent
as the present evolves beyond
the constraints of prior resolve

impediments that once constrained
with inexperience surely blamed
for the struggles of the past
these hurdles spanned at last

perseverance against restraints
this was the struggle allowed by fate
now half remembered in the fog
as futures react to firm resolve

the shadows now far behind
applaud as if to remind
that life renews with every day
affirming spirit will find a way.

© 2020. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20200125.
Tags: identity, poem

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