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Poem -Set a Sentence

The poem “Set a Sentence” was inspired by a Facebook posting that stated, “when people my age are all afraid of the world that their kids are inheriting because of their irresponsible grandparents, it makes you take pause .”

Set a Sentence

If the future was more kind
without misfortune few deny
perhaps the fear would be removed
from procreation of blessed broods

the call to family some resist
is the outcome of that persists
when grandparents have condemned
the world resulting from their sins

inheritance should be boon
instead the cliff clearly looms
the edge within sight of all
only dooms the tender ones

the elders who will fall away
are the ones that had betrayed
now future parents hesitate
to set a sentence of doomed fate.

© 2020. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20200226.
Tags: climate change, poem

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