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Poem - Another Loser

The poem “Another Loser” was inspired by the tag line of a Tumblr account that stated “they’ll tell you I’m insane.”

Another Loser

They’ll tell you I’m insane
another loser to be swayed
by the wizards of the world
wishing dogma to be word

sorcerers of the first rank
seeking others to entrance
decided by folly’s path
turned from grace at the last

madness is the circumstance
allowance given to illusion’s cast
into the glamour this one steps
wishing sanity to surely last

still the voices will exclaim
lunacy may yet be gained
if the magus has their way
another loser to be swayed.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191202.
Shaman - Horse

Poem - Art Emerges

The poem “Art Emerges” was inspired by the lines “Your art is your very life.  Without it, you’re no different from anybody else.“ This is attributed to the movie The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum (1939) by Keni Mizoguchi.

Art Emerges

Art emerges as the grace
separating each in a race
towards gulfs far beyond
reach of actions feeding fame

just one chance to exceed
perhaps more if life concedes
that recognition forever lost
when torch of life is run out

smoldering fires are the norm
without the flames that dance about
those blazes seen in a flash
will extinguish when darkness falls

until that time the artist’s skill
may evoke differences
between plebes of the day
and those seeking to exclaim.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191201.
Shaman - Horse

Poem - Subsistence

The poem “Subsistence” was inspired by a meme that stated “art will survive, art is is won’t.”


Look to art as subsistence
creation turned without regret
other than the time not spent
doing the same in past tense

this absence asks far too much
invention lost to ticking clocks
salvation gone without a grace
something surely took its place

still a life deserves the chance
to recoup what’s meant to last
imaginations roused from sleep
with a last hurdle to defeat

if only masters did demand
perfection as their mandate
deny this trap to finally bend
art turned to subsistence.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191030.
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Poem - Silent Dreams

The poem “Silent Dreams” was inspired by a meme with the tagline, “Dreams are essentially silent”, accredited to the 1943 film Meshes of the Afternoon.

Silent Dreams

They say dreams are essentially silent
tombs shut away by doors of sleep
that necropolis beyond the wake
hiding voices that long to speak

a cast of thousands behind the lids
strangers by the author’s script
more than ghosts and less than men
with volumes lost to memory

echoes cast to catacombs
shadows chased before the dawn
the nets of recall deny the roar
left behind on whispered shores

still the haunts will have a say
bring forth meaning to the day
silence stolen from the crypts
those barest hints of dreamt mystics.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191029.
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Poem - Revealing All

The poem “Revealing All” is about the encouragement of friends towards being a fully realized person.

Revealing All

To be disrobed before a friend
revealing all as consequence
putting aside the baleful masks
no longer needed by the abashed

allowing the hidden to run free
the inner self to truly be
a greater gift than mere contact
the physical pales in stark contrast

affectations may be expressed
no longer is the will oppressed
at last the best may come out
allowed by the close counterparts

comrades open to nakedness
these are the ones most bless
provoking more than passion’s bliss
revealing all as consequence.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191028.
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Professor Chaos - Evil

Poem - Monster on the Leash

The poem “Monster on the Leash” is about the desire for a political movement to to use their man as an offensive measure against a secular world thought much worse, with a price paid for souls now and the viability of the future for the same.

Monster on the Leash

The monster is held on the leash
so hopes the masters who retreat
to fighting fire with their own
when darkness falls on their homes

even though their tamed beast
would be construed as obscene
by any measure brought to bear
this damnation all should fear

attacking targets of their choice
assurance given they’ll be destroyed
with collateral that may extend
to believers of their blend

some shared blood must be shed
for the offense to be led
by the monster on the leash
pray that links remain complete.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191027.
Shaman - Horse

Poem - Fondest Wishes

The poem “Fondest Wishes” is about the desires of a trans person to be in a form other than that realized at birth.  Some apparent non-binary individuals wish for a day that a switch could be thrown and fondest wishes be realized.

Fondest Wishes

If I could wake to the day
to see a body that does not betray
perception of who should stand
in the mirror at my command

the inner image brought to the front
society’s reaction would be blunt
no understanding of what should be
if fondest wishes were complete

this yearning is masked by paradox
living between the pull of poles
this appears to be the goal
treading water at cost of soul

if only dawn of day finally bring
a transformation most would regret
switching places to finally find
nirvana on the other side.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191026.
Cat - Black

Poem - Beautiful Garden

The poem “Beautiful Garden” was inspired by a meme that included the poetry line, “The graveyard is a beautiful garden”, from “Rhenish Autumn”  by Guillaume Apollinaire.

Beautiful Garden

The garden is spun from many lives
beauty gained from tears spawned
now dried upon the fair grounds
a park thriving by sowed bones

set in rows or scattered piles
in monuments from distant times
representing ancestor’s rest
settled in their final home

mourning has been put aside
most all would have their time resolved
by the years that etch their wear
on stone blooms above the earth

blossoming fields of cold stone
still the sight will warm the hearts
of survivors now left behind
viewing the bygone as divine.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191025.
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Poem - Live Evolved

The poem “Live Evolved” was inspired by a meme series that stated that live expands, taking up space, through experience, knowledge, preparation, and maturity.

Live Evolved

The ability to take up space
pushing outward without debate
asks the past to inform
how best a life could transform

with this knowledge the path awaits
the gates opened by evidence
of what would be if circumstance
was informed by experience

thus prepared the journeyers
take up the bag and the staff
one to carry the fervent hopes
the other to follow the twisted trail

maturity is the sure escort
to the traveler seeking worlds
moving past the place of now
with assurance of life evolved.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191124.
Shaman - Horse

Poem - The Measured Size

The poem “The Measured Size” was inspired by the poet’s own discouraging attempts at attaining an equivalence of beauty to smaller sized women.

The Measured Size

Subtractions to the measured size
put to the body in respite
imaginations of what should be
are disproved by verity

searching for worthiness
in mirror’s view of countenance
majorities look across the fence
at verdant spreads they can’t express

those increments of number’s bane
stating size that damns the same
whether the measure's minimal
or double-digit on the frame

each desires reduction’s balm
shifting shapes in full resolve
to meet the image far beyond
reality’s capacity to respond.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191123.